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The Creditors' Guides to fees, including Statements of Creditors' Rights, as referenced in Creditors' Reports are provided below, please click on the link to download a copy.

Current Creditors' Guide to Fees

Rimes & Co Information

Adminstrators Fees - April 2017 Provision of Services Regulations
Liquidators Fees - April 2017 Practice Fee Recovery Sheet
Member's Guide to Fees - April 2017 Privacy Policy
Trustee in Bankruptcy Fees - April 2017
Voluntary Arrangement Fees - April 2017

Previous Creditors' Guide to Fees

Information for Creditors

Adminstrators Fees - October 2015 Creditors' Guide to Committees
Liquidators Fees - October 2015
Trustee in Bankruptcy Fees - October 2015

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